MFB Bonomi Italian Metering Components

Water Meter Bodies

Water Meter Body: this is the brass part of the water meters, which can be single jet (principally used for home use) or multi jet (both for home use and industry). They exist in different sizes (the most common ones are 80 – 110 – 115 – 130 – 165 – 170 – 190 – 230 – 260 – 300 and larger) with different external thread connection (mainly from ½” up to 2”): each water meter body has well-defined characteristics, inclinations of the center distances and internal tolerances, making them all quite different from each other. They must contain the plastic clock which physically meters the water passing through. the precision to the micron - common unit of measurement capable of highlighting even the smallest details - is quite important to calibrate the  water meter on the testing bench as well as for device classification ( class A,B,C or D according to the precision).