MFB Bonomi Italian Metering Components


In the water meters sector, the market is dominated by very few companies that divide the market share worldwide differentiating themselves above all by always supplying top quality service and the latest technology (smart-metering, wireless reading, through internet or satellite) and therefore their requests aimed at delivering high standards of excellence. MFB is able to supply what is required by its clientele through increasingly innovative research activity which is achieved proposing to the customer a global service which stretches from the design to the application of the processing and machining cycle.

An always updated machine fleet, the most cutting edge technique automation with automatic loading and unloading through anthropomorphous robots, numeric control and host-computer follow-up allowing to monitor all production parameters, exalting the profitability of the system, contribute to MFB becoming a leading manufacturer of water meter bodies and components.

Production process

Research and Development
Blanks Production
Surface treatments
Tightness test